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Aud Torvigen is hot, sexy, and in control.

After leaving the elite "Red Dogs" special police force at the age of 29, Aud now works for herself, taking on jobs that pique her interest, since she no longer needs them to pay the bills. After running, literally, into a strange woman on a dark road in the middle of the night, only to have a house blow up a block away a few minutes after that, Aud gets tangled in a mess of a private investigation involving a highly-placed politican, international money laundering, art forgeries, and one Julia Lyons-Bennet, who is at once more than and also exactly what she seems.

When the investigation turns deadly, Aud and Julia escape to Norway where an unexpected betrayal will bring their trip to an abrupt end. Though Aud solves the investigation, Julia has helped her learn it's no longer about that thrill you only get when you're in the Blue Place. Though heart-wrenching, the end will not disappoint, and will make you glad there are 2 other books out there about Aud for you to read. Called a "new wave crime-writer" and an author of "literary noir," Nicola Griffith's writing is a sensory delight.

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Like Aud herself, Griffith's words are precise, exacting, and yet slow and senuous enough to have all of your senses enjoying the experience. You can feel the moist humidity of Atlanta and the icy breath of Norwegian fjords, the bump of rock 'n roll and the glide of skin against skin.

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The Blue Place

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The Blue Place The Blue Place
The Blue Place The Blue Place
The Blue Place The Blue Place
The Blue Place The Blue Place
The Blue Place The Blue Place
The Blue Place The Blue Place
The Blue Place The Blue Place
The Blue Place The Blue Place
The Blue Place

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