Second Chance Bride (Rapid Romance Short Stories)

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Pairing the second-chance romance and fake relationship tropes together, this book is sure to keep you entertained! Second chances rarely get as emotional or as raw as Take This Regret. Five years ago, Christian was so ambitious to become an attorney that he left Elizabeth and their unborn child. But on the journey back, they discover that passion still burns between them…and they might not be able to contain it. Second-chance romance gets a dose of suspense in this story. Alexander Colton and February Owens were high school sweethearts whose relationship was wrecked by tragedy.

Twenty years later, well after February left town, she returns to help out at the family bar. Colt and Feb find that their feels are still very much there, and when people close to Feb start turning up murdered, Colt does everything to protect her—even if it means getting dangerously close to putting both their hearts on the line. He goes on to gain wealth in New York City, only to return to seek vengeance on Aline—with plans to seduce and then reject her. But the passion—and love—between them makes him rethink his plans.

Set in the south, The Sweet Gum Tree follows two childhood friends: Alix, born into a wealthy family, and Nick, a poor boy with a troubled home life. The two form a fast friendship that turns into love as they grow older, but ends abruptly when tragedy strikes and Nick skips town—leaving Alix pregnant. Despite the tenderness of their young love, sweet Anne Elliot was swayed by a well-meaning friend to reject the hand of Frederick Wentworth based on his class. Wentworth goes on to become a respected naval captain, while Anne regrets her youthful decision.

This post is sponsored by Open Road Media. Thank you for supporting our partners, who make it possible for A Love So True to continue publishing the swoon-worthy stories you love. My Sweet Folly By Laura Kinsale This historical romance from bestselling author Laura Kinsale pairs a tortured hero—a romance reader favorite—with the widowed bride of his relative. James Reunion romance hops across the pond for this story between social networking director Victoria and Hollywood star Chris.

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Take This Regret By A. Jackson Second chances rarely get as emotional or as raw as Take This Regret. Preston Mallory hires Elyse Brigham as a nursemaid for his son. Recovering from an abused past, she begins to open her heart to him until she discovers Preston's true identity. Betrayed, she flees to London and Preston follows hoping to mend things.

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Bound together by their chil Pediatric neurosurgeon Vincenzo Lombardi is stunned by nurse Lowri Davies's dramatic reentry into his life -- he hasn't seen her since their passionate few days together five years ago. But with the news that he's the Right in front of her eyes Pediatricians Eve Pascoe and Ryan Sullivan have not been having a relationship all the way back to their student days!

They were firm friends, nothing more, because Ryan "never-short-of-a-date" Sullivan didn't eve He has her child -- and she has his! Mia Adams's life is turned on its head by the news that five years ago there was a mix-up at her IVF clinic -- her adorable son is not hers! Meanwhile, her biological son has been raised single-handedly by hand Is Mr.

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She is startled to find that her new boss is the gorgeous, caring Archie Carew--the man who saved her from a disastrous marriage! Brilliant surgeon Archie is drawn The Italian's newfound family Arriving in beautiful Sardinia to take up her new position as junior registrar, Dr. Kelly Carlyon is horrified to find her new boss is Luca Ferrero, the brooding Italian who once broke her heart.

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Grace refuses to be impressed by Har Major incident headquarters The only possible outcome--disaster! Grace Darling Hospital Seb Bridges, is ready and waiting-- to But when it came to a choice between her or his glittering pediatric career, Connor chose the job. And then she discovered she w Beautiful nurse Rose Tremayne would have done anything to have kept her baby. Circumstances forced her into adoption, though there hasn't been a day when she hasn't found herself wondering what happened to her precious little boy.

Then Rose finds On discovering he has a daughter, Lewis Cole's life is changed in an instant, from single city surgeon to single father and country G. He's determined to give little Kristy all of the love and attention she needs, but somehow he finds there is also Michael Rafferty will do anything to convince nurse Natalie Palmer to bring her nursing talents back to the Worlds Together team. The longer he spends persuading her to return to their medical ranks, the more he wonders why he ever let this woman Yesterday, today and always Now that Dr. Kasey Harris is part of the team, the Worlds Together aid unit is complete and ready for their assignment.

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    Catherine Lewis's career plan. But by working with Dr. Matt Fielding in his practice by day and playing with him and his two beautiful daughters by night, Catherine experiences everything she'd thought she never Nurse Sophie Patterson is looking forward to a fresh start when she accepts the post of resident nurse on board a luxury liner.

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    Second Chance Bride (Rapid Romance Short Stories) Second Chance Bride (Rapid Romance Short Stories)
    Second Chance Bride (Rapid Romance Short Stories) Second Chance Bride (Rapid Romance Short Stories)
    Second Chance Bride (Rapid Romance Short Stories) Second Chance Bride (Rapid Romance Short Stories)
    Second Chance Bride (Rapid Romance Short Stories) Second Chance Bride (Rapid Romance Short Stories)
    Second Chance Bride (Rapid Romance Short Stories) Second Chance Bride (Rapid Romance Short Stories)
    Second Chance Bride (Rapid Romance Short Stories) Second Chance Bride (Rapid Romance Short Stories)
    Second Chance Bride (Rapid Romance Short Stories) Second Chance Bride (Rapid Romance Short Stories)

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