Resurrection - Episode 1 (Lost Souls)

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Spells often involved invoking the God Osiris. Additionally, powerful entities such as the Powers That Be and the Senior Partners were capable of resurrection in different circumstances. According to Tara Maclay , resurrection was considered to be against all the laws of nature.

Resurrection was a different form of magic from reanimation , in which the deceased was raised as a soulless zombie.

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This spell was only allowed when a being died through mystical means, such as Buffy diving into the energy field generated by the ritual used to activate the Key. Resurrection was not allowed if the user died of natural causes, such as illness or murder as was proved when Willow Rosenberg attempted to resurrect her dead lover Tara Maclay after she was shot dead but was dismissed by Osiris , keeper of the gate and master of all fate, who informed Willow after she invoked his presence that Tara's demise was a mortal death and not his concern.

The chocolate dripped over her fingers. Aurora stopped and held out the cone to him.

And had finally won full custody of Aurora. He had gotten what he wanted. Aurora was safe. So much! And it was two blocks from a perfect daycare, and only seven blocks from his office.

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True, it was still near his old house, but at least it could be their own little sanctuary. He stood up and guided her over to a wooden bench beneath a large oak tree. He picked her up and set her on his knee so he could see her face. And like our new home. And now, the right words escaped him.


Christian wondered if he had phrased it right. Aurora let out a small holler of joy and threw her messy hands around his neck.

Christian squeezed her tightly. He had been concerned that no matter how cruel Diana had been to her, Aurora would still want to be with her mother instead of him. Aurora planted wet, sticky kisses on his cheek and across his lips.

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She stopped and looked into his eyes. It was going to be a good day. A good life, Christian knew.

Everything had finally turned out perfect. They stopped at an intersection, waiting for the light to turn. Birds chirped and the warm sunshine bathed their shoulders. Christian glanced down at Aurora.


She hopped from foot to foot as she licked the ice cream cone. He smiled. She never seemed to be able to stand still. The stoplight turned green.

The cars started to move. Aurora looked up at Christian. Christian smiled and opened his mouth to reply. A loud squeal filled the air and Christian instinctively lifted his gaze over her head to glance at the intersection just beyond. A black car swerved sharply around a silver BMW. Christian grabbed Aurora and flung her out of the way as hard as he could. Intense white lights filled his vision. He put up his hands. Somewhere in the distance, a horn sounded. Then someone was screaming.

Resurrection - Episode 1 (Lost Souls) Resurrection - Episode 1 (Lost Souls)
Resurrection - Episode 1 (Lost Souls) Resurrection - Episode 1 (Lost Souls)
Resurrection - Episode 1 (Lost Souls) Resurrection - Episode 1 (Lost Souls)
Resurrection - Episode 1 (Lost Souls) Resurrection - Episode 1 (Lost Souls)
Resurrection - Episode 1 (Lost Souls) Resurrection - Episode 1 (Lost Souls)
Resurrection - Episode 1 (Lost Souls) Resurrection - Episode 1 (Lost Souls)

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