Reality Bytes: Part 2 (An Erotic Romance)

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Stolen Child

He has a great visit to the past, reliving the first time he and Lisa made love. He comes back happy and ready to commit. Together, they return to a romantic time in their past, which quickly goes south -- the night they agreed to let a friend film them making love, the night their relationship problems began. Business or love.

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Their Deja Brew journey just became the ultimate in deals. Actress Valerie Vincent is less than thrilled when her newest onscreen guy turns out to be A-list actor Hugh Faraday—until they meet, and her body demands what her mind rejects. She wants him now—what will undoubtedly be the worst of all her bad moves. Then, despite his rational self, he becomes intrigued.

What lies beneath her plastic, perfect beauty?

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Read an excerpt of Dark Venues. Suddenly, feminist Marisol is headed to a harem in sixteenth-century Indurlia! Instantly attracted, they break with tradition and make forbidden love. Could it be? Is he the insolent boss she left behind or her sixteenth-century lover? Hit TV show lovers Gwen and Dirk are a real-life couple. After a production shake-up, a hot young starlet is hired to replace Gwen onscreen. Threatened much? Dirk adores Gwen, but her paranoia is killing him…killing them. Hmm…the possibilities. Read an excerpt of Soap Bloke.

Francisco Reyes can deal with dying. Instead, he hires Rafe McMaster to film a wine commercial for their Sherry Amor and, unbeknownst to either Elena or Rafe, to become her new lover. Francisco aches seeing his beloved Elena with Rafe, but he believes his plan to provide Elena with a new lover once he is gone is working—until Rafe and Elena take charge and show him neither one is ready to let him go so easily. After all, Christmas is a season of miracles. Read an excerpt of Sherry Amor.

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Prepared to sacrifice her chance for love to save her father and her planet from a monster, Karloutria never expected to fall for Luca. Piece of cake, as long as he keeps his head on straight and his soul buttoned-up. But then he never expected to feel what Karloutria arouses in him. Also available in print in the Passionate Peridot anthology with four other great stories. But that stone is nothing compared to the present that shows up at her door. Antonio is a tall, smoldering hunk who seems to know her every wish and need -- and how to fulfill them.

As a high-level demon, Antonio does not want to piss off his boss. And anyway, seducing a mortal woman is easy. Antonio might be the one with magic powers, but Maura has him under her spell the second he walks through her door.

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With each minute they spend together, a quick getaway seems less and less possible Read an excerpt of Whatever Maura Wants. Long, Slow Ride - an Oh, Yum! Also available in print in the Better with Age anthology with five other great stories. The wedding reception is boring and depressing for Lori Nelson until she gets asked to dance by the chauffeur -- the twenty-something, very hot chauffeur.

The moment Jeff meets gorgeous, classy Lori, he falls hard. While Lori is convincing herself that she can handle a one-night stand, Jeff is revving up his limo, prepared to take Lori for the ride of her life. Bah, humbug. For vampire Carlie, Christmas is a time to bury herself in archives and do research while everyone else parties. She wants to distance herself from the celebrations so she can forget the time Vincenzo made her his Christmas bride.

Three nasty spirits, determined to get her attention and change her mind, drag Carlie, kicking and screaming, into the past, the present and the future. Vincenzo got it right when he picked Carlie as his bride. Not knowing the full power of their bond and all it entails, he messed up. Now time is running out for him, unless Carlie opts to save him.

Can the spirits open her heart in time for another Christmas miracle -- or is it too late? In vain, K.

Also available in print. Jade and Gabe are a perfect match. As lovers and coauthors, they have everything they need and want -- almost. All they crave is great success for their writing. When they meet Alex at a party, he has a proposal for them. He wants to collaborate with them on a new literary work. Little does the happy couple know that Alex is a Mage of the Dionysian Oracle, and he needs to be invited into their partnership to complete his initiation rites.

Together forever. A dark, uncanny tale set in the moors set in the late 19th century.

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But when she falls in love with Nicholas Durand, a stranger to the area, she crosses her father -- with tragic consequences. Nicholas stays in the moors only because he will not leave Anna.

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But her father plans to marry Anna off for a land deal and is not about to let a stranger disrupt those plans. Anna and Nicholas are determined to stay together always. No one and nothing on Earth or in the heavens will part them. Their destiny was to die in the avalanche, waiting for help that came too late. But, when what began as an attempt to stay warm turns into heated passion, the two couples trapped in a frozen cave by the snow discover that their love and desire for one another can keep them far warmer than their little fire. Their erotic intimacy and an angel with an attitude challenge fate.

Shocked and distraught, Clothilde turns to the Rookery Cove community for help.

Private Parts Unknown (FKA Reality Bytes)

Val fears that, once on home ground, Paul will reject him. When they land, they quickly learn another vampire has preceded them and sown a path of destruction -- Retkove. The Apollans unite with the Earthlings to defeat Retkove. But Retkove is not about to give up his foothold in paradise. To clear his name so he and his lover can finally get a life, Val summons help -- his ex, Trey. Then Retkove kidnaps another Apollan, subjecting him to the same torturous experiments Paul suffered.

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  • Reality Bytes: Part 2 (An Erotic Romance).

Given a chance to procure the serum, Paul must make the choice of a lifetime: Val or the chance to return to his home planet?

Reality Bytes: Part 2 (An Erotic Romance) Reality Bytes: Part 2 (An Erotic Romance)
Reality Bytes: Part 2 (An Erotic Romance) Reality Bytes: Part 2 (An Erotic Romance)
Reality Bytes: Part 2 (An Erotic Romance) Reality Bytes: Part 2 (An Erotic Romance)
Reality Bytes: Part 2 (An Erotic Romance) Reality Bytes: Part 2 (An Erotic Romance)
Reality Bytes: Part 2 (An Erotic Romance) Reality Bytes: Part 2 (An Erotic Romance)
Reality Bytes: Part 2 (An Erotic Romance) Reality Bytes: Part 2 (An Erotic Romance)
Reality Bytes: Part 2 (An Erotic Romance) Reality Bytes: Part 2 (An Erotic Romance)

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