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Devastated but tenacious, Toswiah eventually takes back her power and her identity through track and field at her new school, while Cameron's initial bitterness at having her life upended is so naked that it's refreshing. Jonathan comes across as both courageous for standing up to an unjust system and weak for his torturous self-doubt, and for letting his banishment nearly destroy him.

Shirley's retreat into religion is also believably sad. Quiet and heartrending, Hush the 15th book from the Coretta Scott King Award-winning Woodson is an ultimately hopeful novel.


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Review Text This edition: Hardcover. Ages: above For she is right in the middle of an ancient battle between the immortal and those who have fallen -- and, when it comes to choosing sides, the wrong choice will cost Nora her life.

Hush Book Review

Review quote Fitzpatrick's writing is addictive, and once you start, you can't stop Arresting and inspiring. There isn't a moment to get bored with this white-knuckle ride! Hush, Hush was her first novel, and after completing the series, wrote romantic thrillers Black Ice and the upcoming Dangerous Lies.

When she's not writing, Becca is most likely to be found prowling sales racks for reject shoes, running, or watching crime dramas on TV. You can visit her on www. Rating details. Our customer reviews To be brutally honest I did not enjoy this book. Do not be fooled by the title, as captivating as it is the title did not live up to the books expectations. Yes there was mystery, romance, angels etc, but the characters personally I think are freakishly pretentious.


The book is another typical young adult fiction novel, however, there are plenty typical young adults novels out there that are actually captivating and entertaining to read. This book however lack personality, character and uniqueness. I love the fact she's added mystery, as to who is after her! It's even better that I was wrong as to who it was.

Hush! A novel. (ISBN: 1241485577)

The shock made it more readable, suspense as to what would happen. I have already ordered Cresendo. If your looking for a first person point of view book, this is a good read, with romance, action and mystery. I mostly read positive reviews about Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and I waited quite a while for the German release of this novel.

I've got no idea when it happed, but over the last year I have become a huge fan of angel novels. So after I had my wisdom tooth operation, Hush, Hush came miraculously flying to my bed as a consolation. Nora, our heroine is a kind character, unfortunately she doesn't stick out.

It wasn't my best connection to a main protagonist, but it was okay. Patch is the total opposite of Nora. He is a real bad boy, playing games all the time, always trying to attract and provoke. Patch's intentions are ambivalent, his personality appears almost schizophrenic to me, which could be really interesting for a further character development but sometimes just scared me.

On the one hand he is on a mission to destroy her but then he seems to be in love with her at the same time. His character confused me and never appeared as likeable as Nora sees him or wants him to be.

Although it says opposites attract, I cannot think of Nora and Patch as an adorable couple. I am always in need for a good mix of emotions, going from romantic to passionate. It's said that both fall in love, but it doesn't convince me. In my opinion there are too little signs of emotion and too many secrets hidden to keep that relationship working.

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Secondary characters like a best friend or two male students, who are usually applied to enrich the story and actions, only annoyed me. My thoughts always circled around the relationship between Nora and Patch because other characters weren't diverting enough to catch my further attention. What I really appreciate about Hush, Hush, is the complex web of thoughts that Fitzpatrick seems to spin around the whole love story.

Mission-like flashbacks guarantee a deeper sight into the events and the reasons behind them. Past and present are interwoven and only make sense in combination. I rushed through this novel, experiencing high-class bad boy action.

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Still I have some issues with Hush, Hush that eat up the bad boy bonus and make me give it an only average rating. I am still going to read the sequel to find out what developments Fitzpatrick has planned for their characters and how she intends to solve certain conflicts. I really did not enjoy this book, I thought it was boring and the characters were self absorbed and interacted in a disappointing way.

I honestly thought it was going to be better show more. I have to admit that at first i didn't want to read this book! Not that there was something wrong with it, but everytime it appeared on my suggested books list, i continuesly ignored it. Till one day, i decided that i should actually give it a chance, due to the fact that i have already read lots and lots of books, several of them not so good, so what's one more, right?! Well, wrong! From the first pages of Hush, Hush i was compelled!

Everytime, i was 'wtf?! So many twists and turns, so many unpredictable things and i have to say with absolute certainty that till the end, you are completely thrilled!! And i have to mention, this book is just not another angels book!! Fitzpatrick was able to create something brand-new from an already known story! And that's the beauty of it!

Hush: A Novel Hush: A Novel
Hush: A Novel Hush: A Novel
Hush: A Novel Hush: A Novel
Hush: A Novel Hush: A Novel
Hush: A Novel Hush: A Novel
Hush: A Novel Hush: A Novel
Hush: A Novel Hush: A Novel
Hush: A Novel Hush: A Novel

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