Crossing Fire (Laura Axle Book 1)

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Growing great people.

The Health Department said the air quality is good. At least 16 active wildfires have been scorching California, killing at least eight people and destroying more than 1, homes and businesses. Among the group were 40 campers from outside the Bay Area, who will be hosted by local families. The last fire to impact Tawonga was the Rim Fire in August , which covered , acres and reached the grounds of the camp, where it burned three staff buildings.

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The backfires were scheduled to burn through Thursday. Reno is a shit hole. More or less, the transaction would play out like this.

Other People: Are you going to race through to Nats? Me: Yes. Other People: Cool.

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See you there. Me: Vague staring, plus some blinking. Our thoughts go out to everyone in California who have lost their homes, their businesses and their local trails to these ravenous fires. Real lucky. Go to your seat. What the outcome of this will be I cannot tell you now; but of one thing I am sure, Miss Hargrew—you can expect no favors from the faculty of the school after this date. There were fifteen of the girls, and they were all present. Case had seen to it that the natural leaders of the various classes among Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores were appointed to membership in this committee.

Although Laura was at least three years younger than the oldest Senior, she was popular and was elected chairman of the committee on a single ballot. Besides, the other girls knew that Laura was an enthusiast in athletic matters and that she had studied the question of organization thoroughly. It gives us a draft of the proper constitution and by-laws, and information on all points likely to come before us.

You know that. Case is dreadfully particular about it. It was awful. And Mrs.

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Case says it is good exercise under careful conditions. No one-steps or glides, Miss! If you take part, too, in any sports unsanctioned by our rules, you can be expelled. I am not going to give up my church club for this public school association. Hester and Lily said they should offer a minority report; but the others only laughed at that.

Forest fire in Northern California forces evacuation of Jewish camp

If we girls—and those who follow us at Central High for years to come—are going to have successful after-hour athletics, we must have equipment—and a field. Just think of that , please. It is going to cost money—a heap of money! And who is going to supply the money? Henry Grimes was a wholesale butcher and was accounted a very wealthy man in Centerport.

He was a member of the Board of Aldermen and wielded much political influence. Of course, that includes a clubhouse, and swimming pool, and all that. He always is. The railroad company gave the land, and public subscription put it in shape. But we have just got to interest some rich person in our project. The others laughed. They had her dismissed, or suspended, a dozen times, and reinstated again. The girls had a great deal of faith in Mr. He was a man who made up his mind leisurely, although once it was made up he was not known to change it for any light reason.

The girls liked him very much indeed; but of course there were times when the principal, as well as the rest of the teachers, was arraigned against the pupils upon some topic. That will always be so as long as there are pupils and teachers! The Central High students—girls and boys alike—were governed on honor. That was Mr. Why not believe her when she said she did not throw the burning punk into the wastepaper basket? But they all knew Hester. Money will always bring a certain kind of subservience. Although the general 64 opinion was adverse to Hester, nothing was really done about it.

And do you always stand by one another when one gets into trouble? How about what you did to Pretty Sweet last Saturday? I heard about it.

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In the twilight they saw a rather tall boy, dressed in the height of fashion, with brightly 65 polished shoes and an enormously high collar, coming down Whiffle Street. Prettyman Sweet hesitated just a moment. Indeed, his hand was really on the gate before he saw the two boys—his classmates—sitting beside the girls on the porch. What was it—really?

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But he was there. But it took Pretty Sweet to turn the trick all proper. He slipped it in his hip pocket. You know, Pretty is just as stingy as he can be—a regular miser despite all his fine clothes. I expect he believed that shiny lump might be worth something. Then, when we were half way back to town, somebody saw smoke spurting out behind Pretty Sweet as though he was an automobile.

He declared one of the fellows had played a trick on him—set him afire, you know. It was a serious matter to Pretty, I tell you. For this time the tails of his coat were burned off, as well as a portion of his nether garments. He sent for a cab and paid a dollar to get home. And he laughed, too. Dimple says it is very active chemically, and when united with oxygen, even at an ordinary temperature, emits a faint glow as if it were gold. The girls could not fail to be amused at this ridiculous adventure of the school exquisite.

No other boy of their acquaintance was so dudish or comic in dress and manner. You see, that tall hat—think of a stovepipe hat 69 on a boy of seventeen! The bag was on his side of the path and he got it good, now I tell you! If any taller person had been coming in, or going out, rapidly, a crack on the crown from that bag would have done him harm. Which was true enough, for none of them heard about it that evening. But the very next morning Laura got to school early and went to Mr.

The principal chanced to be 71 disengaged, and welcomed her kindly. Besides, Mr.

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Sharp, like the other teachers, was fond of Laura Belding. You know whom I mean—Miss Hargrew. Nor did she do it involuntarily. When she said she took the burning piece of punk out of the building, she did so. Bobby—I mean, Clara—could not tell a lie. It is not in her to be false or deceitful.

The Globe and Mail, June 4, 1947

That—that is why she is not liked in some quarters. You cannot blame the teachers if they are harsh with her. They are here to instruct and help you students. They should not be made the butt of foolish jokes. Bobby has been guilty there.

Crossing Fire (Laura Axle Book 1) Crossing Fire (Laura Axle Book 1)
Crossing Fire (Laura Axle Book 1) Crossing Fire (Laura Axle Book 1)
Crossing Fire (Laura Axle Book 1) Crossing Fire (Laura Axle Book 1)
Crossing Fire (Laura Axle Book 1) Crossing Fire (Laura Axle Book 1)
Crossing Fire (Laura Axle Book 1) Crossing Fire (Laura Axle Book 1)
Crossing Fire (Laura Axle Book 1) Crossing Fire (Laura Axle Book 1)

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